Freedom of Expression Statement

Barnet and Southgate College is an inclusive and supportive learning community

We encourage all members of our community to adopt a critical and questioning approach and to engage in mutually respectful dialogue with others to broaden thinking, views and learning. Our College values are shaped by a fundamental belief in the British values of the rule of law and democratic action, respect for others and humility toward people of all cultural backgrounds, the presence and promotion of harmony between different traditions and the use of knowledge to develop self confidence, self-esteem and civic pride. This work is reflected in the Learner and Staff Code of Conduct that everyone at College signs up to and also through the College equality objectives, which ensures that our community is pro-actively involved in equality and diversity initiatives. Our Learners and Staff have a duty to behave responsibly; respecting others rights, beliefs and freedoms.

Barnet and Southgate College is committed to freedom of expression within English and EU law. The College also has a duty to develop the spiritual, moral, social and cultural rights of staff and learners and also to protect the welfare and character of other people to prevent disorder or crime. This means that we may place restrictions on speakers and organisations who wish to visit Barnet and Southgate College. The College will not provide a venue for any speaker or group that we consider is likely to advocate violence, religious hatred, or racist, sexist or homophobic views, which are contrary to our inclusivity, equality and diversity ethos and likely to be unlawful. We take our duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of our community seriously, which includes protecting all from activities and links with organisations that may cause offence or endanger people.