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Why are apprentices good for your business?

See how we worked with one employer, Barnet Homes , to deliver Apprenticeships:

What is an Apprenticeship?

It’s a work-based training programme designed around the needs of the employer, which leads to a nationally recognised qualification for the employee. Both new recruits as well as existing members of staff can become an Apprentice; the beauty being they earn while they learn. There are a wide variety of Apprenticeships suitable for almost every type of job role from engineering, to healthcare to dentistry and hairdressing; tailored to suit every size of business. Find out more in the About Apprenticeships  section

How does the employment aspect of the apprenticeship work?

Before applicants can enrol as apprentices, they need to either already be working for an employer, or be placed with an employer.

If an employer has a new apprenticeship position they wish to fill, Barnet and Southgate College can offer a free service to assist with advertising, shortlisting and selecting a suitable candidate for the position.  Employers don’t have to recruit new apprentices, they can enrol existing members of staff onto an apprenticeship in order to upskill their staff as long as they meet the requirements.

Candidates may choose to apply for College-advertised vacancies, or alternatively have the option of finding their own employer.

If an applicant does secure an employer willing to offer then employment as an apprentice, a member of the team will arrange to meet with the employer to start the enrolment process.

What if I want my existing staff to undertake an apprenticeship?

None of your staff conditions of employment will need to change.  You are not required to change employees' job titles or contract details to undertake an apprenticeship programme. 

However, your will need to agree to release apprentices for the required training, and you will also have to ensure you can evidence the additional required skills and knowledge that show your employees are suited to the apprenticeship programme. 

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