The Hope

The Hope

Introducing the Barnet and Southgate College Learning Hub @ The Hope

The BSC Learning Hub@the Hope offers an exciting programme of courses with rolling start dates. Come along to our Taster and Recruitment Morning on Friday 8th December, learn more about the courses on offer, discuss your needs with teachers and advisors and have a taste of what learning will be like with BSC over a cuppa!

Register your interest by completing a form in The Hope or by calling Rosemary on 020 8364 8756.

For courses starting before January please contact the BSC Community Team:
CALL: 020 3764 4009


This course is ideal for parents, carers, and volunteers to be part of an exciting journey of learning and fun, whilst developing skills, knowledge, and understanding of early year’s settings and the developing child.


helps individuals to prepare themselves to get back into work by getting support with CV writing, interview skills and identifying suitable vacancies. The first step into a new career!


If you need to improve your English reading, writing and speaking skills this is the course for you.


offers support and basic techniques to help you manage your finances more effectively and become more confident with your maths.


is a short course designed to help you become a volunteer, enabling you to gain new skills, confidence and offer something back to society.


offers simple but effective tips on how to become healthier, happier and gain confidence through positivity.


Think you’re no good at maths? Well think again. Everyone can do maths – it’s all about the teaching. And once you’ve grasped it, you will have skills that will not only help you in your everyday life, with shopping, budgeting and your children’s homework, but you will also have the confidence to continue learning.


Need to get them out into education or work?

Come and speak to our specialist team that can offer you advice on specialist courses developed for the reluctant teenager. They will be on hand at the Taster and Recruitment Day

to tell you more!

Remember the date: 9am-12.00 Midday on Friday 8th December

And the place: BSC Learning Hub @ The Hope Community Centre

Looking forward to sharing some tea and sympathy!


Key Information:

If you are aged 19 or over, looking to do any of the courses advertised here and are claiming one of the state benefits listed below you may not have to pay for your course as the government may fund you. However you will need to provide your National Insurance number, proof of ID and sign a self-declaration form declaring you are in receipt of the relevant benefit and that the course is directly relevant to your employment prospects.

Acceptable Benefits include: Þ Council Tax Support Þ ESA WRAG - Not subject to the £330 a month earnings limit. Þ ESA Support Group Þ Housing Benefit Þ Income Support Þ JSA - Not subject to the £330 a month earnings limit. Þ Universal Credit (Mandated Work Related Requirements/ Preparation/ Focused Interview Group). Þ Working Tax Credit Please note: if your circumstances change before the start of your course you must inform the College.

Acceptable forms of ID include: Current UK or EEA Passport/identify card Þ current full or provisional UK driving licence, however if the place of birth on the licence is not the UK/EEA then the date the licence (not card) was originally issued must be at least 3 years or over to be acceptable, Þ Application Registration Card (ARC), this shows that a person has made an application for asylum, Þ ASPEN Card (Asylum Support Payment Enablement), this must be accompanied by the original paperwork that came with the card.

*Please note, classes can only run if we get 8 or more enrolments.

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