The College in the news


This page contains links to news stories about the College that have appeared in the Press.

Please click the titles below to access our press coverage for 2019.

U23s in profile: Themis Kefalas - Queen's Park Rangers website 19.03.19

Babette Brown, Persona Doll Training founder: 1931-2019 - Nursery World 19.02.19

T&B transform Block M at Barnet and Southgate College - T&B Contractors website 12.02.19

Construction Taster at Barnet and Southgate College - Christ's College Finchley website 01.02.19

Addressing the needs of dementia clients with Alexa (Firas Sarhan, Director of CETEC at Barnet Southgate College) - The OT Magazine, 28.01.19

L&Q’s commitment to education is a lesson for the industry - L&Q website 18.01.19