When you think of the sports industry, you might assume that most jobs are for elite players and coaches. Actually, it is a twenty billion pound industry employing over 400,000 people in 175,000 businesses and organisations across the UK.

At Barnet and Southgate College you can choose from a variety of different pathways in this diverse and exciting area of study.
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Key Facts about the Sports Industry:

Two thirds of the jobs are people doing or helping others do sport and the rest are catering for peoples’ interest in watching and spending on sport, whether in the sportswear and equipment industry or sports media. The range of jobs is huge and we reflect that in our courses. As well as playing and coaching, we open up areas like sports nutrition, sports psychology, strength and conditioning training, massage therapy and rehabilitation.

With 15.5 million adults playing sport and over 7 million fitness club members, sport and fitness is a growing part of British life. There are 5,600 fitness centres and getting fit is a leisure activity that Brits are planning to spend more on according to a recent industry report. In a given month, there over 200 vacancies in sport in London and fifteen percent of sports businesses have vacancies to fill. Just to stay still, the sector needs to recruit 58,000 people a year to replace those leaving for retirement, parenthood and more.

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