Property and Construction

Student profile: Construction Multi-skills

Jamie Tash is 15 years old and studying a practical Construction course at College whilst continuing with his GCSEs at School.

"I joined the College on a Construction Multi-skills course so I could get a taster in a number of areas including painting, decorating and brickwork. I love learning and really enjoyed this as I’m just not that academic and school isn’t the best environment for me. Although I’m still at school as I have to finish my GCSEs, it’s great as my school contacted the College and they arranged for me to come in three days a week and I spend two days at school. My parents were really happy about this as I’ve finally found something that I enjoy and that I’m passionate about and this is what I want to do as a career.

I get a lot of support from the tutors at College and they really understand where I’m coming from. The atmosphere is great and really friendly. I much prefer College to school as I’m treated as an adult here and I get much more independence. It’s just a different environment. I meet people from all different religions and backgrounds but we all get on, everyone is just focused on training for a new skill and then getting a job and having a career at College – I just can’t wait to start working and earning."