Learner Support

The Place of Quiet

The College provides a Place of Quiet where you can rest and retreat for solitude and reflection

You will find the Quiet Room on the Ground Floor at each campus, just ask for directions at Reception. The facility is available for all staff and learners to use.

The Place of Quiet can be used by anyone who wishes to pray or simply to sit, read and reflect. The space provides a place of quiet away from stress, hustle and bustle.

Respectful use

All users are expected to observe the following guidance, and to please -

  • • Respect other people’s freedom to sit quietly, read or pray without interruption.
  • • Report any concerns in the first instance to College Reception or Security Staff.
  • • Respect each other’s views whilst sharing of the Place of Quiet.
  • • Be aware that Place of Quiet is available to all, at all reasonable times.
  • • Be aware that no particular group has any exclusive rights to use of the area.
  • • Respect that the Place of Quiet may only be used by learners, staff and permitted visitors to the College.
  • • Note that anything that is used e.g. prayer mats, scarves, holy books, other artefacts or aids to prayer in the Place of Quiet must be stored away or removed before the user leaves the room.
  • • Note that there should be no burning of incense or candles.
  • • Note that there should be no eating, drinking or smoking in the Place of Quiet.
  • • Note that there should be no use of technology in the Place of Quiet; this includes mobile phones, laptops, tablets, amplification equipment or similar technology items.
  • • Note there should be no notices, posters or displays mounted on the walls or in the room without permission.

Please note that College Code of Conduct for Learners and Staff, plus all other guidance ie Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity and so forth apply to this area.

Download the Place of Quiet Policy