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Learner Support Fund: FAQs

Frequently asked questions

Q: My attendance was 100% last week, why didn’t I get paid?

A: Students are paid a week in arrears, so last week’s money won’t be paid until the following week.

Q: How do I get my register marks changed?

A: Go to the student MLE and print out your own register (To access the student iLearn go to the bottom of this page and click 'Student Login (iLearn)', follow the log in instructions and click on “My attendance”.)

Ask your Tutor to amend and sign the appropriate register to confirm attendance. Then hand the register to the Curriculum Administrator for your department to have the marks changed on EBS.

The register then needs to be returned to the Customer Services Department to have backdated payments made.


Q: I have no absences in my register, why haven’t I been paid?

A: You need to check you have no E marks as we can’t pay on a E mark. You need to get the E mark changed to an M mark by filling out a green explained absence form available from Customer Services. Get your tutor to sign and return to your curriculum administrator. You also need to check you don’t have more than 2 lates (L’s). If you have 3 or more lates you will not receive your bursary payment for that week.



Q: Why hasn't my childcare provider been paid?

A: Before payments can be made we need to have received your childcare provider’s bank details form and statement and the monthly account for childminding forms from your childcare provider.

Q: Why have I not been awarded the full amount of childcare I applied for?

A: The LSF pays a maximum of £175 per week per child. We also only pay for the days you’re timetabled to be at college.


Q: If I have paid my childcare provider in advance how do I claim for a refund?

A: You will need to provide a receipt to confirm you have paid and your childcare provider will have to tick you have paid on the monthly account for childminding forms they return to the LSF. Once both of these items have been received by the LSF the payments will be made into your bank account.

Q: How do I change my childcare provider?

A: You and your new childcare provider will need to complete an Additional Childcare Application form which was in the original pack the LSF sent you.


Q: How long does it take to be notified if my application has been successful?

A: The advertised time to process an application is 4 weeks but in busy times it may take slightly longer.


Q: When will I get the rest of my grant?

A: Grant payments are paid termly, providing the student's attendance is satisfactory.

Q: Why have I not received travel support?

A: Unfortunately the new regulations set out by the SFA state that long term travel is no longer permitted. We are however allowed to provide emergency travel for a maximum of 6 weeks for termly students and 12 weeks for yearly students only, provided that you live at least 2 miles from the campus at which you study.

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