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Exams: frequently asked questions

Q: Does Barnet and Southgate College offer the facility for External Candidates to take exams?

A: No - the only way to take an exam through Barnet and Southgate College is to be enrolled on the course with us.

Q: I did a course with Barnet and Southgate College and am awaiting my certificate

A: Most external certificates from Exam Boards take at least 3 months to arrive. If you are waiting for a College certificate then please contact the College School or Department in which you took the course.

For A Level and GCSE’s the exam boards print certificates at the end of October.

Q: My name is spelt incorrectly on my certificate

A: Any certificates with incorrect spellings would need to be returned to the Exams Department and will be sent back to the Awarding Body. Exam Boards will not re-issue a certificate without the return of the incorrectly spelt one. It will take approximately 3-4 weeks for a replacement to arrive. Please return the certificate with a covering letter explaining detail of the incorrect spelling to:

Exams Department, Barnet and Southgate College, Grahame Park Way, London, NW9 5RA

Q:I have mislaid my certificate. How do I get another one?

A: Barnet and Southgate College can order a replacement certificate on your behalf for any course completed within the last four years. However there is a charge for this service and Barnet and Southgate College will require payment in advance. The College will then order another certificate on your behalf.

Fees for replacement certificates vary from exam board to exam board, but these can normally be found via the exam board website along with the relevant form. (Some exam boards will allow you to order directly.)

For any certificates issued longer than four years ago you will need to contact the Past Record department at the relevant exam board. Details are available on individual exam board websites.

Q: I have moved address and wish my certificates to be sent to my new address.

A: You will need to complete a Student Change form for any change of address .Forms are available from Reception at all college sites. If you have moved after the certificate has been issued you will need to contact your old address to see if it has been sent there. If a Student Change form is not completed prior to issue of the certificate you will be expected to pay for the cost of a replacement.

I have received my BTEC certificate and would like to know the GCE/GCSE equivalent

Please use the following link:


BTEC Missing Grades

Q: I have grades/units missing from my BTEC exam results

A: Please contact your subject tutor who may be able to explain why they are missing.


Q: I am interested in having my exam paper remarked

A: All re-marking applications take 6-8 weeks. There is a cost involved which the exams team can advise you on. Please be aware that marks can also drop as well as increase and in many cases the marks do not change. Please also be aware it is not possible to have coursework remarked.

Exam Timetables

Q: I have received my exam timetable (statement of entry) and I have two papers timetabled at the same time

A: Please don’t worry this is quite common, the exams department will identify this and timetable your exams either as follow-on papers (depending on the duration of the exam ) or we will timetable your exam later or earlier in the day, All internal clashes are picked up by us and you will receive a letter from us confirming the new arrangements. You will, however, need to advise us if you have external clashes ie a clash between us and another centre. We must be given plenty of warning about external clashes so that we can liaise with the other centre

For any other exam queries please contact exams@barnetsouthgate.ac.uk

Please provide us your name, address, student number, phone number and details of when you attended college and course taken and the nature of the enquiry.