Minutes of the Board of Governors

The Board of Governors operates a Policy Governance Model,  with a minimal committee structure: the statutory Audit Committee plus a Search Committee and Remuneration Committee.

Non-confidential Board Minutes for the past 12 months are published on this webpage.  For earlier Board minutes,  or non-confidential Committee minutes,  please contact the Clerk to the Corporation,  as

Please click the links below for the minutes of Board meetings.


Board minutes 03.10.2017

Board minutes 09.11.2017

Board minutes 07.12.2017

Board minutes 18.01.2018

Board minutes 22.02.2018

Board minutes 27.03.2018

Board minutes 10.05.2018

Board minutes 14.06.2018

Board minutes 11.07.2018


Board minutes 20.09.2018

Board minutes 16.10.2018