Dental Technology Centre

Case studies: careers in dental technology

Foundation Degree student Leigh

Leigh has been working as a dental technician for 11 years and admits she hadn't planned on becoming one. “It was really an accident as I was studying A Levels but my course was relocated to a different campus. A family friend at the time told me about a vacancy for an apprentice in a local dental laboratory which I applied for.”

Leigh worked at the lab and studied a Foundation Degree in Dental Technology. Her a day to day work involves using the latest equipment and creating private crowns and bridges for patients. "On an average day I could make 6 to 7 cases. It's very satisfying to know you've had a positive impact on patients’ lives by providing functional and beautiful teeth.”

Jinesh, a Dental Technology student

After completing a chemistry degree at Manchester University, Jinesh joined his family business, working in a dental laboratory and was surprised at how much he enjoyed making dental appliances. He signed up for a full time Level 3 dental technology course and now manages the family dental laboratory. The business has expanded under his management and is moving forward with new 3D printing technology. "I'm always busy and I work hard but it’s really worth it.”