Level 2 Diploma in Maintenance Operations

Code: 2C432219G11

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09/09/2019 - 26/06/2020 ( weeks)
Mon - Fri
Colindale Campus

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For those interested in a career repair and refurbishment in the construction industry, this qualification is ideal for continuing to develop your skills and knowledge of building maintenance. You will learn about the industry, including the principles of constructing buildings, and about the types of information used in building design and construction. This qualification allows candidates to learn, develop and practice the skills required for employment and/or career progression in Maintenance Operations.

You have some knowledge and basic skills in carrying out building maintenance work - probably from a role where you work under supervision. You want recognition for your skills, giving you the chance to take on more responsibility. There are no entry requirements for this qualification - it is available to anyone over the age of 16 that is interested in learning more about building maintenance. However, you are likely to hold a previous qualification, such as the Level 1 Diploma in Construction Skills, or have equivalent experience working in repair and refurbishment roles in the industry. You will be seeking to consolidate your skills and knowledge of the trade in order to progress to further learning and specialisation in building maintenance.

This course is for candidates that work or wish to work in a variety of roles that require knowledge of the various construction trades; so you will learn about health, safety and environmental issues faced on construction sites, and how to communicate with others on the job. The course covers small-scale repairs in various trades in the construction sector, such as: building(brickwork); painting and decorating; plastering; plumbing; and carpentry.

You will be assessed in both theory and practical assessments in the following areas: building(brickwork); painting and decorating; plastering; plumbing; and carpentry.

Level 2 Diploma in Maintenance Operations (Construction) (6711-23)

Please complete an application form and return to the College - either online, by post or in person at one of our campuses.

Yes, you will need to meet with a member of staff for an interview and an initial assessment.

You will need to purchase steel toe capped safety boots (PPE)

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