The Living Lab

Our Living Lab will offer stakeholders the chance to ‘come and play’ with the technology and equipment available in the integrated showroom - a fully-furnished flat equipped with all the latest assisted technology for you to explore and discover!

The Living Lab is where much of our teaching and assessment will happen for future workers and current staff who will be working with these products on a daily basis. It is also available for carers or individuals that need to understand these technologies to maintain their independence, so empowering patients to manage their own condition.

The Living Lab will be used as a test bed and to showcase new and evolving technologies to support innovation and creativity within the industry, enabling the industry to grow to its fullest potential, testing products fully before they are taken to market.

The Living Lab will provide an insight into how assisted living technologies are used in the home, demonstrating their benefits to those who work in the health and social care industry. We will be able to offer demo sessions to small groups.

The Living Lab will allow CETEC to develop a network of care professionals, industrial experts and end users (patients) to provide training and consultancy to meet specific clinical needs, as well as support research and education into assisted living technology.

For more information please contact:

Firas Sarhan


Jane McFadden