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The health and social care workers of the future will need to develop new sets of skills in order to implement new ways of working as society moves to delivering care in a different way.

Health and social care training will need to exploit the use of assistive technology, and therefore embed this training in all of its programmes in order to effectively prepare the workforce of the future. This will include health and social care professionals, technology developers, commissioners, assessors and anyone that needs to gain a clear understanding of this growing area.

All students that enrol on a health and social care course at Barnet and Southgate College will now study a CETEC module as part of their core qualification. In addition to this, however, we will be providing a variety of courses for professionals that will offer an insight into assisted living technologies and therefore ensure employers have a clear route to upskilling their existing workforce appropriately.

We also offer a bespoke service, so if you are an employer or service provider that has a specific training need then speak to us so that we can develop a package that is perfect for your requirements.

Our teaching programme – Assisted living for health and social care providers, aims to:

  • Develop knowledge among care providers who demonstrate an understanding of the assisted living technology role in health and social care
  • Implement assisted living within the current health and social care arena
  • Develop the skills to support both patients and remote care providers throughout a remote consultation utilising interactive teleconsultation
  • Develop the skills to support the patient and the provider care organisation throughout the entire process of utilising home monitoring equipment.

Our teaching programmes will cover key topics to ensure successful implementation and evaluation of assisted living into care pathways.

Our awareness study days will incorporate the following topics:

  • Introduction to the assisted living (telehealth and telecare) concept.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using technology in health and social care
  • Implementation and evaluation of assisted living in health and social care
  • Legal and ethical issues of using assisted living
  • Privacy, dignity and confidentiality in using assisted living
  • Practical demonstration of assisted living application to care pathway


As market leaders in assistive technology we can advise on how these technologies can help change living and work place environments and support individuals to live independently. This is a growing market and many industries are investing heavily to ensure that they can provide an excellent, individual service to every customer, no matter what their individual needs maybe.

For example, the leisure industry invests heavily to provide specialist cabins within cruise ships or hotel suites for those who need extra support. We can advise and support organisations to develop specialist rooms to ensure those with the most challenging mobility issues can experience a world class holiday or business break.

There is also a need to produce evidence to demonstrate to clinicians, social care providers and commissioners that the use of assisted living technologies can help to manage and reduce unplanned hospital admissions for patients with long terms conditions.

We offer, for both the private and public sectors:

  • Expertise in implementing assisted living into care pathways
  • Design focus groups to test technology and its suitability
  • Design evaluation frameworks that will allow professionals to test the impact of technology use on clients, healthcare professionals, health and social care systems and the financial impact.
  • Create a collaborative working environment to be able to develop and test technology; and to explore its usability to develop state of the art technology solutions that meet the needs of clients and professionals

Tech research evaluations

CETEC can provide a wide range of research and evaluation services for health and social care providers, universities and commercial organisations. If you have a specific requirement we can work with you to ensure successful delivery of your research or evaluation project.

Evaluation projects can:

  • Test the impact of assisted living, and so establish the effectiveness of technology in terms of improving patient outcome.
  • Provide the opportunity to explore attitudes and the level of satisfaction experienced by both client and professionals.
  • Establish whether the use of technology delivers a resource saving in terms of return of investment, staff productivity and care cost savings for health and social care services.

Examples could include:

  • Evaluation of post-stroke remote speech and language therapy
  • Evaluation of technology use in supporting long-term conditions
  • Evaluation of assistive technology with individuals with learning disabilities

For more information please contact:

Firas Sarhan


Jane McFadden