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Crest Nicholson plumbing apprentices

Luke Banfield

Luke Banfield is from St. Albans and is 20 years old

I always knew I’d have a practical job, not sat at a desk as I wanted to do something with my hands, so being a plumber made sense to me. My cousin was already a plumber, so I took the opportunity and worked with him for a few months and I knew that’s what I wanted to do. So I went to a local college and completed my NVQ plumbing qualifications.

After that finished I knew I wanted to get a wider range of experience, whilst I was earning a wage. An apprenticeship seemed like a natural route for me so I started looking online for the right opportunity. I’ve just started on the one year apprenticeship with Crest Nicholson and Barnet and Southgate College. I’ll come into the College’s Colindale campus one day a week, which is great as everything is brand new as it only opened last year, the rest of the time, four days a week I’m onsite at Crest Nicholson’s major housing development in Whetstone. It’s ideal for me as I am earning a wage whilst training.

Working with a large developer such as Crest Nicholson means that I am exposed to a lot of plumbing issues I may not come across in a domestic setting, so it’s all great experience for me. As eventually I want to be self-employed, the correct training means I’ll go down the right route in my career as a plumber.

Johnny Banks is from Colindale and is 28 years old

I’ve been living and working in London for the last six years, I’m originally from Liverpool. I came to London to train as a police officer and that was also in Colindale. I did enjoy working in Colindale as a police officer but over the years I found it really wasn’t for me, so I decided to leave the police and started looking into re-training in a practical skill.

Over the last few years and before my police training I’d completed a couple of construction multi-skills courses at college in Liverpool, which included a bit of plumbing, so that appealed to me. Once I’d left, I started looking for plumbing apprenticeships as I knew I wanted to still earn a wage whilst training. The Crest Nicholson name really drew me in as I knew it was a national brand that I could use when I eventually did go back to Liverpool.

I’d heard of Barnet and Southgate College from when I was a police officer so I knew it was good so I’ll enjoy coming into the brand new Colindale campus once a week and the rest of the time onsite in Whetstone. We’ve been working in Whetstone for the last three weeks and its hard work but I know I’m getting the right hands on experience in a trade that I can see a future in, I’m hoping to make a good living as a plumber.