How to hire an apprentice

Trying to find an apprentice? Barnet and Southgate College can assist with advertising, shortlisting and selecting a suitable candidate for the position

Employers seeking apprentices should:

1. Contact us

Whether you wish to recruit an apprentice or enrol an existing member of staff as an apprentice, a member of the Apprenticeships Team will need to discuss the contractual obligations and funding of the apprenticeship with you.

Please contact us by email: or telephone 0203 764 4333

2. Advertise your vacancy

Please prepare a job description, which we will use to advertise the vacancy through the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) and on the College website.

We also have a pool of candidates and existing students (who may be interested in transferring to an apprenticeship) that we will contact regarding your vacancy.

Candidates will be invited in for an assessment and screening session, where their eligibility will be checked, and literacy and numeracy levels will be assessed.

CV’s of eligible and suitable candidates will then be emailed to you so you can shortlist candidates.

3. Select your candidate

Whether you choose to hold a less formal interview with candidates on a one-to-one basis, or ask them to attend a panel interview or assessments, it is your decision who you choose to interview and ultimately hire.

Before you offer the apprentice a position, we recommend initially requesting the candidate to undertake a 1-2 weeks paid job trial.

4. Sign up your apprentice

Once you are certain that you have selected the correct candidate, a member of the team will come to meet with you and the apprentice to complete the sign-up process.

The Contract of Employment

The Apprentice will require a signed contract of employment, for the duration of their apprenticeship.

The contract will reflect the same entitlements as any other member of staff, including benefits such as annual leave, and also probation policy and disciplinary procedures.

Paying your apprentice

Apprentices must be paid for a minimum of 30 hours a week, and also for their hours spent in college training. These 30 hours can include their college hours.

Apprentices under the age of 18, cannot exceed the maximum of a 40 hour working week.

Any apprentices working over 48 hours a week will be required to sign an opt-out agreement.

Where possible we do encourage all of our employers to pay the national minimum wage:

Apprentice Rate 16-18

Includes aged 19 in their first year


National Minimum Wage Rates

Under 18


18 – 20


21 and over


25 and over


5. Your apprentice starts work!

Once the apprentice has been enrolled, he or she will be required to attend college one day a week for training.

Apprentices' progress with be reviewed every 8-12 weeks.

This review requires participation of the employer, apprentice and the teacher/assessor.

The apprentice will also be required to undertake work based assessments where he or she may need to be observed by the assessor.

For example: A customer service apprentice will be required to be observed communicating with customers and dealing with customer complaints.