Apprenticeships: the application process

Please note that applicants cannot enrol as apprentices until they have secured employment

The application process is as follows:

1. Apply for an apprenticeship

To apply for an apprenticeship please email your completed CV to, stating which apprenticeship you wish to apply for.

Not got a CV? Download our template to get you started.

(If you require additional learning support, please ensure you include details in a covering email.)

2. Attend an assessment

You will be required to attend an assessment session at our Wood Street Campus.

These sessions can take up to 2 hours, and are held every Thursday afternoon.

Each session consists of:

  • A presentation on our apprenticeships and their requirements
  • Eligibility confirmations via an ID and qualification check
  • English, maths and possibly ICT* online assessments (*Only required for certain apprenticeships)

3. Select the right apprenticeship / vacancy for you

A member of the Apprenticeships Team will have a one-to-one discussion with you regarding your assessment results, and talk about the most suitable apprenticeship and vacancies with you.

If you are not currently working at the level required, there are a number of different courses that can support you to upskill to the level required to apply for an apprenticeship.

These include:

  • Functional Skills or GSCE English & Maths
  • ESOL
  • Bridging
  • CALM

4. The selection process

Your CV will be then be emailed to employers.

It may take some time until you are contacted for an interview.

The decision whether or not the employer interviews a candidate is theirs.

This is why it is essential to ensure your CV is detailed, up to date and follows a professional format.

Download our CV template to get yourself started.

The interview process varies from employer to employer; whilst some employers may conduct one-to-one informal interviews or formal panel interviews, some may prefer to trial candidates before they commit to employing them.

Finding your own employment

You also have the option of seeking employment yourself.

If you are successful in your search, please inform a member of the Apprenticeships Team who will contact the employer to discuss their apprenticeship requirements with you.

5. Enrol as an apprentice - start the job / training

Once you have received an offer of employment, a member of the Apprenticeship Team will contact the employer to complete the sign-up and enrolment process.

Once this has been done, you will be contacted with details of your formal start date.