Apprenticeship week 2019

Barnet and Southgate College offers apprenticeships in a variety of sectors from Dental Sciences and Technology to hairdressing and catering, to business administration and gas engineering .

We are celebrating National Apprenticeship week with Dental Apprentice Armando's story. He shares how he struggled to select his course after GCSEs and did not think about his career path when he selected his A Levels. Following his A Levels he looked into dentistry and decided to take a gap year before committing to a degree in dental sciences. During this gap year he wanted to make sure he was making the right decision for his future and earn some money, so he instead enrolled onto a dental nursing apprenticeship to gain the experience and a qualification in his potential career. 

View Armando's story in our two short videos below and visit our apprenticeship team at our dental technology centre (Southgate campus open evening) on Wednesday to find out about your apprenticeship options. For more info click here

Armando shares how an apprenticeship can help you pick the right course for your career

Armando shares how you don't need to go to university to get a degree level qualification and prepare for your chosen career.