About Apprenticeships

What will I earn?

An apprentice's rate of pay depends on a number of factors

Factors that affect pay include the apprentice's:

  • age
  • experience
  • qualifications

Regardless of these factors, we encourage employers to meet the National Minimum Wage of £7.50 per hour.

Initially employers may choose to pay the minimum wage until candidates have passed their probation period.

All apprentices will be paid for a minimum of 30 hours a week.

Apprentices must be released for training during their contracted paid hours - this includes the hours they spend in college, or away from their station in training.

Apprentice hourly pay rate (16-18 yrs old)

(includes those aged 19 in their first year)


National Minimum Wage Rates

Under 18


18 – 20


21 and over


25 and over


Apprentices can only be paid the apprenticeship minimum wage for the first 12 months of their training.

After this they should convert to the NMW (National Minimum Wage) for their age group as at the start of the training programme.

Contract of employment

All apprentices must receive a contract of employment from their employer, for the minimum of the duration of their apprenticeship.

Apprentices will have the same terms and conditions as any other member of staff, including leave entitlement, probation and notice periods etc.