We offer programmes from Level 1 to Level 6 in Computing so students gain skills in computing whatever their educational standard.


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Our curriculum

The IT and Computing sector is currently experiencing major skills shortages in particular careers areas. At Barnet and Southgate College we track the needs of the current employment market carefully and frequently tailor our courses to suit (changing modules to reflect emerging technologies and embedding professional certifications into our programmes to give valuable employability skills as necessary). For example: we recently tweaked our courses to reflect the need for networking and cybersecurity, big data analytics, internet of things and digital multi-skilling.

Strategic decisions based on Local Market Intelligence ensures the college responds to local and national priorities, and bring significant benefits to students by broadening STEM skills and enhancing learning experiences. Study Programmes for learners have been designed to match sector needs and give learners industry standard skills on top of vocational English and maths.

Our department

At Barnet and Southgate College, IT and Computing includes learning to understand and utilise the latest hardware and software in areas such as: computer networking, web-design, programming, database design and development, video editing, animation and multimedia, computer maintenance, cyber-security, CAD and 3D design and engineering and PLC programming. Our courses prepare people for related computing careers pathways such as becoming computer maintenance and IT support, software engineering, web and graphic designers, IT project managers, systems analysts and network and cybersecurity technicians.

Barnet and Southgate's IT and Computing department prides itself on delivering high standard computing and IT courses to a professional level. All of our courses focus on practical skills development with learners being taught the latest computing techniques giving them the necessary employability skills in key careers shortage areas. We are proud of our staff and have a team of very talented and dedicated teachers who have years of experience and the necessary know-how to get the best possible out of our students.

Computing courses are offered across the 3 main college sites (High Barnet, Southgate and Colindale campuses).  We offer courses from Level 2 to Level 6 (degree level). There are over 200 full-time learners, mainly on BTEC IT programmes at levels 2 and 3 and near 100 part-time learners on a range of professional level training courses including CISCO, CompTIA, CIW Professional Web Design, Java programming and CAD. In addition we offer a Computing Foundation Degree course validated by Bolton University.

We typically have superb results on all of our programmes (last year we had 94-100% achievement rates and all course results were above the national average).

Here’s a snapshot of our main headlines:

  •  Continued improvements in Retention, Achievement and Passes from 2014 to 2017
  • Excellent results on all courses ending 2016 (2017 results pending but all results are comparable or better)
  • Level 2 NQF course (BTEC First Diploma in ICT):  94.4% achievement - 21% above NA
  • Level 3 course (Diploma in IT (QCF)): 100% achievement - 10% above NA
  • Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT (QCF) course 94.7% Achievement - 7% above NA
  • 90% of our learners have progressed to university

Quality of the learning experience

100% our learners say that their teachers set high expectation and standards. Over 90% of observed teaching in our department is graded at excellent or good and we have had multiple department staff win awards, certificates of excellence and recognition for their achievements.

Feedback tells us that learners feel welcome and respected and have high satisfaction rates in the area of support, progress on course and taking charge of their own learning.

Many of our classrooms are equipped with professional standard specialist equipment (such as CISCO networking and cyber-security hardware, computer maintenance labs, access to 3D printing and mechatronics, digital animation and AutoCAD computers.)

Professional courses

Cyber Security

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